Breanna Marshall, MBA


Breanna Marshall, MBA
For over 10 years, Breanna Marshall has been a passionate advocate for a smoother and more cost-effective workers' compensation experience for all parties involved. Her unique background spans across the employer, broker, and healthcare sides of the industry, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the system. Breanna's dedication to excellence is reflected in her accomplishments. Through strategic initiatives, she has achieved impressive cost savings of $2 million in workers' compensation claims. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, demonstrating her strong business acumen, and is a Certified Mediator, solidifying her ability to navigate complex situations with effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Leveraging her expertise in California and across multiple states, Breanna developed the training program offered by BMARCON. This program is designed to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to reduce workers’ compensation costs, navigate claims efficiently, and foster communication through the claims process.

About us

BMARCON empowers businesses to succeed by; minimizing workers’ compensation costs, through expert claim reviews and effective training programs. We believe clear communication is essential; to ensure a smooth and fair workers’ compensation process for everyone involved.


Empowering businesses to succeed in the workers’ compensation process. BMARCON offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to minimize workers' compensation costs and ensure a smooth claims process for both employers and employees. Through expert workers’ compensation claim reviews, effective training programs, and clear communication strategies, we help businesses thrive.

Benefits for Businesses:
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Streamlined Claims Processing
  • Enhanced Employee Relations
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
Benefits for Employees:
  • Fair Treatment and Timely Resolution of Claims
  • Clear Communication and Support Throughout the Process
  • Effective Return-to-Work Plans
By partnering with BMARCON, businesses can create a thriving workplace that prioritizes both employee wellbeing and financial success.

Claims Review

Our experienced team meticulously examines claims to ensure accuracy and identify potential cost-saving opportunities. We work with you to navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation regulations, ensuring fair treatment for employees while safeguarding your bottom line.

Training Program

We offer a training program developed by expert Breanna, incorporating strategies she used to achieve proven cost savings of $2 million in workers’ compensation claims.

Effective Communication

BMARCON recognizes the importance of clear and respectful communication during a workers’ compensation claim. We provide guidance on best practices for communication with injured employees, ensuring everyone involved feels treated fairly and informed throughout the process.


We assist businesses in developing effective return-to-work programs that help injured employees safely reintegrate into the workforce as quickly as possible. This not only benefits employees by minimizing disruption to their lives but also reduces overall workers’ compensation costs for businesses.

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